Josh Reif 
Facebook Marketing
Facebook and Instagram Marketer 
  •  Former Physician
  •  3 Years Sales Experience 
  • Experience with Facebook and Instagram 
Former Physician
I am a former physician who left medicine to pursue a career in sales and marketing. You can understand the desire to work independently and decide how you want to spend your time. Why spend your time working on marketing and trying to bring in new patients yourself? 

You want to spend more time with your patients. Let me take care of your marketing. I understand how to speak to patients and show them why you are the best practitioner for them.
3 Years Sales Experience in Health Retail Stores 
Relax the Back and Relax in Comfort
Facebook Specialist
I joined Facebook in 2004 and have followed the platform for many years. I have build a Facebook group to over 3000 members. I started marketing on Facebook at the end of 2016.
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