How Cosmetic Surgeons can bring in High-Quality Leads through Powerful Facebook Ads 
Written by Josh Reif
Advertising is no longer a guessing game - Facebook Ads fixed that 
Wasted advertising dollars. I hear this a lot. It used to be billboards, TV spots, and radio. You spent money and had no way to track it. You made educated "guesses" about the demographic receiving your message based on the zip code and affluent neighborhoods, but you never really knew who was watching. Then came online advertising and the "promise" of greater return. All the fancy metrics of "click-throughs" and "views" which sound great, but never really worked for you. 

You see, there's two very important elements to advertising. The tools and the person advertising. Most people focus on the tools, but the advertiser is just as important. He has to know how best to use the tools. He has a skill worth paying for just like you wouldn't take a nice car to just any mechanic on the street. But some things you can start implementing yourself. Today, I'm going to focus on the powerful new tools Facebook has given us to target EXACTLY the type of new customers you want to bring into your practice. No more Groupon bargain-hunters.

Here, I want to focus on targeting because this is KEY to saving you money and only getting the right people to see your ads. Check out Facebook Ad manager below 
Here we have selected a 10 mile radius of people who live in Atlanta, GA. We can narrow down even further if we want to a 1 mile radius and target exact zip codes. Our current reach is 2.6 million which sounds great, but most of those are not the right audience. We want to cut it down.
According to the 2016 Cosmetic Surgery National Databank Statistics, women 35-50 are the most frequent surgical demographic. So, targeting only them, we now have an audience of 420,000. Nice, but not all women want cosmetic surgery. Let's continue.
According to the databank, liposuction is the most utilized surgical procedure. We can target general interests like weight loss and liposuction, but specific brands give us a more refined demographic. Women who have tried and failed weight-loss programs may be interested in liposuction.  We now have 37,000 highly-targeted women. Now you can always try other things (testing is the only way to know what will work), but as you can see, you can test until you find the perfect match and not have to worry again if you are reaching the right people. 

A different example here
Above is another demographic. Women who might want breast augmentation. Here we again have a 10 mile radius of people who live in Atlanta, GA. We have single women ages 22-34 and income levels greater than $75K annually. We now have a much larger potential audience of 230,000, but still highly targeted. As you can see, there are many ways to test here. The possibilities are endless. 

Facebook has amassed an incredible amount of data and now offers this up to you. It doesn't work right away. You have to test and get the advertising done right. But once it clicks, you can get high-quality leads at a fraction of the cost that you paid before. There's even more powerful ways you can target existing customers and those already showing interest in your service which I cover in another post. 

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