To become the charismatic man all your friends are jealous of you must learn...
How to CONFIDENTLY approach women 
without being creepy  
Inside you will learn...
  • The Four False Myths that Keep Guys from Approaching
  • How Women REALLY want to be approached 
  • How to Reduce Your Fear of Approaching and Get Good at it FAST
  • ​How to Show Interest in a Woman without Scaring Her Away 
  • ​And Much More...
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Josh Reif 
I'm Josh Reif, founder of MForce, an international men's community focused on becoming confident men through learning dating skills, social skills, and leadership skills. I've met thousands of women in my life and built multiple social circles in cities all across the world. Our students come to us looking to change their lives and we help them become confident men. 

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DISCLAIMER: Results vary by student based on past experience, mental state, effort given, and other factors. Success with women and getting more dates is not guaranteed and relies on student cooperation, completion of the program, and other factors.